Saturday, 28 November 2009


Many of us have encountered the slippery nature of our own egos. We often fall prey to the ego ability to split itself in our search for our inner guide. We often fall prey to the ego's ability to split itself in our search for the inner guide, and find our intellect and feeling easily fooled. By using journalling techniques we can step outside of the many facets of ego and gain an impartial view of the creature we call ourselves.

Many find journaling through the advice of others, or are simply fascinated by the inner workings of the mind. If one has the inner tuition that these tools could be of service in getting a glimpse of themselves unafforded by nomal consciousness, consider yourself lucky and get to work . The realization that much of what we think about ourselves is fantasy, wishful thinking and hearsay is not very flattering, especially at first, but leads to an adventure like none other: the disovery of ourselves as we really are.

Journaling coould be thought of as the waking states of dream work. We write about what we see inside our head, and ponder why we do and think the way we automatically do. We can even write out our fantasies and day dream, treating them as dream material for clues as to our inner fears and desires. The journal serves as an impartial record, to correct our memory and provide relevant material. Reading through a journal after many weeks can give a shocking view of one's state of mind at the time, when the current process of rationalization and projection looses its focus. We can get an idea of what state of mind we might currently have, as opposed to the story we usually tell ourselves.

Journaling should be a long term endeavor, for many patterns and moods endlessly repeat. We may tend to forget this, thinking that the mood or state was temporary, or the pattern of thinking only a one shot affair. Journaling can reveal these patterns over time, and even return us to the forgotten wisdom of old, showing how the 28 day pattern of the moon and cycles affect us, and are part of our own makeup.