Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Dark Night Of The Soul

Passing through the dark night of the soul is a rite of passage. It is a personal journey with it’s power known only to one who has the courage to walk through it. As one is blessed enough to experience such a journey, it’s characteristics are unmistaken. At times its lonely, but always pulls at our deepest core urging us to learn it’s sacred teachings. When we are confronted with our deceptions, manipulations, and hidden secrets, that only we know. We are asked, or prodded, to live with more integrity and trust that which is not yet known.

We walk through it for a reason. It’s no accident when we are at this point and there is no way to rush it’s end.

It’s a rite of passage whereby we are strengthened and live with a deeper sense of “I Am”. Once we abandon the question, “How long?” we accept and allow the darkness to run its course. In many ways we befriend the nowness and become one with its power. We become grateful for its lessons and realize fear has been replaced with personal power. Fear loses its grip for the sacred one who walks through the dark night of the soul.

Everything – all things that happen are for our Highest Good. The more we trust its flow, and not resist, the easier the journey becomes. As challenging as it may be, the dark night of the soul is to be honoured and cherished as a vast mystery that will eventually be revealed to us. It is here to teach us a most marvellous awakening.