Sunday, 27 June 2010

Let Go and Let God

If anyone is prepared to follow this practice, let alone study metaphysically or meditate mystically, he may use a related one which will make less demands upon himself. Whenever he is suddenly faced by unexpected misfortune or unpleasant circumstances or environments, when clamorous problems raise their ugly head or when grave danger menaces your very life, he should take  whatever practical measures  are ordinarily called for the external plane and yet alongside of them should abruptly drop his habitual ego centric attitude and hand the problem over to a Higher Power. This will eventually bring about  a sense of inner detachment even when he takes outer action to deal with it.

A whole hearted faith in this existence of a higher power is of course the first essential step to make this practice a successful one. A resigned trust in the outcome of it's hidden function is the second step. He should then cease to worry about the matter, cease to cling in alarm or get depressed at the thought of the outcome but rather give it all up and forget about the problem. Indeed if he permits anxious thoughts to continue to harass him they may break his inner remembrance and obliterate the effectiveness of this technique. Moreover it will become effective only if maintained for a sufficient time and with sufficient concentration. That is, through his personal efforts at making the necessary adjustments he should firmly switch a part of his consciousness constantly inward, carrying not denying the problem with it and then letting the thoughts which constitute the problem to let them dissolve by themselves, in remembrance of the impersonal ever-calm Overself.

This abrupt appeal from a narrow personal outlook to the refuge of wide impersonal one will effectively help to control not only his emotional reaction to what has happened but may also introduce a higher factor of grace and thus control the exterior condition by itself. He many not only draw from this act of self surrender the inner strength to his problems but it will also draw a protective power  beyond his own capacity. We may know that Grace manifests in many other ways, it may for example, give such inner support to a man in grave danger that the fears that arise would naturally be quelled.