Saturday, 3 July 2010

What Karma Is?

It is crazy to treat the idea of Karma as if it were some far out eastern fancy. In essence, it is simple the law which makes us responsible for our own action and which puts us into the position of having to accept the results which naturally flows  from it. It may be called the law of self-responsibility – what I do unto others I do to myself.

The meaning of Karma is “doing” and it is simply that a person’s karma is his or her own doing. We have made ourselves the way we are  by our own actions, which includes mental actions. Karma is simply a law of the universe to effect adjustment, to restore equilibrium, and to bring about compensatory balance. So whatever we do is ultimately reflected back to us. No deed is exhausted in the doing of it and eventually it will bear fruit which will be returned to the doer. Karma is a self moving force. Nobody, human or superhuman, has to operate it.

None of use can escape personal responsibility in the matter or shaping our own internal outlook and external environment by laying blame on something or someone else. Anyone who is struggling with should drink inspiration from Beethoven – master music maker. He sought to hear music when he himself was deaf. He whose life was dedicated to melody composition for others one day  became unable to hear his own compositions. It was disappointing but it did not discourage him. Facing this problem with determination he went on with his work and gave greater and grander things to the world, for what he learned in suffering he taught in song.

Anyone with an eye to see can understand that the universe operates in an intelligent and intelligible order.