Monday, 16 May 2011

At The Heart Of Every Problem is “I”

If you look very closely at your problems, you will discover a very interesting little detail: in the midst of every problem is the person to whom it is happening. And that person is you, or from your perspective it is “I”.

Take a moment to make a short list of your problems, your struggles, your difficulties. Notice that as you write them down, there is the central theme running through them that they are happening to you. They are your problems. And that is why you call them "problems" in the first place!

All these problems and struggles are, right this minute, happening to many other people throughout the world. There are even not so pleasant things happening to others that are not happening to you. And those things don't bother you in the least. Why? Because they aren't happening to you!

Adyashanti likes to say, "No self, no problem." And it is true. Without "me" at the center, there is literally no problem. You can see that clearly when you look at an issue that does effect you in any way. But it is even more astounding when you realize that the "self" that you thought you were doesn't exist. There is no separate self, no "me," and when that is fully realized, you literally have no problems.

Every time you get a glimpse of the startling reality of no self, you find for a moment your freedom. No self = no problems. You may be busy, you may have lots to do, but problems? Nope. What a blessing!