Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Teachings Of Sri Ramakrishna

Sri RamakrishnaGod Is All
I have now come to a stage of realization in which I see that God is walking in every human form and manifesting himself  himself alike through the sage and the sinner, the virtuous and the vicious. Therefore when I meet different people I say to myself, “God in the form of a saint, God in the form of a sinner, God in the form of the righteous, God in the form of the un-righteous.”

God Is Within You
Do you know what I see? I see God as all. Men and other creatures appear to me only as hollow forms. moving their heads, hands and feet but within is God himself.

Perseverance In Your Search
There are pearls in the deep sea, but one must hazard all to find them. If diving once does not bring you pearls, you need not therefore conclude that the sea is without them. Dive again and again, you are sure to be rewarded in the end. So it is with finding God. If your first attempt proves fruitless, do not lose heart. Persevere in your efforts. You are sure to realize Him at last.

 Surrender And Trust
Trust completely in God.  What are you to do when you are placed in the world? Give up everything to Him, resign yourself to him, and there will be no trouble for you. Then you will come to realize that everything is done by his will.

Love Of God Is Essential
Unalloyed love of God is essential and all else is unreal.