Monday, 27 February 2012

The Crossroads Of Life

If life is a journey where are we headed? And if we can answer that, how de we get there? What path should I take?

When your standing on the crossroads of life you don’t know which way is necessarily the  best for you. One road may mean happiness, another adventure, and yet another means safety and security. It takes heart to be alive in the world.

In his book, Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity, David Whyte recounts  a life-changing event at work. In a moment of exasperation he stuck his head into a meeting at work asking if anyone else had seen David. A stunned silence followed by laughter answered him. In that moment he knew he had been lost and the ensuing year was about reclaiming who he was and becoming a full-time poet. In a conversation that evening a friend said to him, “You must do something heartfelt, and you must do it soon.” It was a challenge to him to move out of his comfort zone and to do something with real meaning.

I have finally come to accept I don’t what to do. I am trying to let go and relax back into who I really am – this wise emptiness, this mysterious yet audible silence. I now realized that it is up to my deepest self, this fertile blankness, to create something – and hopefully something soon.

This is now in it’s hands and until that moment I had been resisting trying to let go, trying to figure out things for myself and it is clear that I can’t manage on my own. There is no alternative but to surrender to the One within me. This, after all, is what seeing is all about – awakening to one’s deepest being and surrendering to its guidance.