Thursday, 18 February 2010

Listing The Stepping Stones

Please see the previous post, Progroff recommends that the first stepping stone on your list be, “I was born.” This simple opening statement acknowledges your physical, emotional, and spiritual birth into your body, your family, your culture, your society, your world.

You may choose to list your significant life markers chronologically, or they may come to you in random order. It doesn’t matter. It is helpful, though, to put them in chronological order after you are through with your list so that you can get a sense of the underlying pattern of your life.  Without knowing anything else about this person below, we can begin to sense the drama and hardship of their life.

  1. I was born
  2. My father left
  3. My mother died
  4. My father returned
  5. I left home to get married
  6. I had my daughter
  7. I raised my kids
  8. My husband left
  9. I followed my heart
  10. I am being reborn

Can you begin to see the themes develop and take shape? When the stepping stones are broken down in this way, new dimensions begin to take form.