Sunday, 28 February 2010

Why are enlightened people so attractive?

Q: Why are enlightened people so attractive? Why are people so
attracted to them?

Linda: It’s a bit like the feeling you get when you see a baby. You’re instantly attracted to them. There’s a purity about them, an almost childlike quality – a realness. Also, you see your own potential in someone who is enlightened. There’s a recognition of who you really are, and it’s quite beautiful when you see who you really are. Why are you attracted?

Q: Well, I think it has a lot to do with the energetic presence of a
teacher. It seems to satisfy something very deep in someone who is spiritually open. I guess one thing you need to guard against is
attachment to the teacher.

Linda: You have to be aware of it, but I don’t know about guarding  against it, because the mind comes into it then. There almost needs to be an attachment to the teacher. I was very attached to my (first) teacher, but it helped me. It was painful, but it really did help me.

Linda Clair
from her book, "What do you want?", p. 77