Sunday, 26 September 2010

Douglas Harding

How do you discover your original true nature? Do you think it is by reading holy scriptures and books? You will never find a total answer to this question by reading holy scriptures and books. By seeking an answer to this age old question you have to become the answer; in essence god discovers himself all along. Nevertheless books can help if your struggling to overcome any obstacles on your search.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. But this need not be limited to physical appearances as such. Your own intuition is the inner teacher and it will guide you to what is most appropriate for you at the time. On the other hand, you may have cultivated self-reliance, independence and balance to such an extent that you need no ‘guru’. In that case, no teacher will appear, your own intuition will provide direct guidance from within.

On the spiritual search one often hears that our true nature is the easiest thing to see, as it is always present, right underneath our noses. Douglas Harding has devised a method of radical self inquiry that is based on simple, practical exercises that anyone can do anywhere. He calls his discovery headlessness, which he says is the same as “seeing who you really are.”

Douglas Harding passed away on January 11, 2007. He was a remarkable sincere individual whose sole interest was helping individuals to “see who you really are.”

His view is that “seeing who you really are” is available right now and not only after a lifetime of seeking, meditation and esoteric practises. Respectively, he lines up with Maharishis view. “All are seeing God always, but they don’t know it. I see what needs to be seen. I see only just what all see, nothing more. The self is always evident.”