Tuesday, 14 September 2010

You Can't Sit Too Much

The helpfulness of sitting cannot be exaggerated. By sitting and being still, resting in silence, you begin to feel a natural movement, a shift in the direction toward what you are. It is the most typical setting in which one will experience an awakening.
Please note that I'm not suggesting that you meditate or do practices or other exercises.

You can, and these are often a vital part of many people's journeys. But sitting, to me, is just that: sitting. No agenda, no goal, no plan, no purpose. You sit, you rest, you allow. By sitting you acknowledge an inescapable fact of existence: everything is perfect as it is. All is well. The universe is functioning flawlessly, right now, without any assistance on your part.

This simple act of sitting can have a profound effect. You have no idea what will happen. But the main thing to remember is that by sitting, by allowing everything to be, you are aligning yourself with the truth of what you are. For what you are is always at rest, always still, always allowing everything to be exactly as it is.

Yes, I did learn this "technique" from Adyashanti. And yes, he is quite correct: sitting is the best thing you can do.