Saturday, 4 December 2010

Mahiki–The Indigo Bowl

I recently came across this technique from the ancient Hawaiian shamanic practices which I thought was interesting enough to write about.

What really intrigues me is that shamans often draw their wisdom not only from traditional and direct experiences but from what the  mystics call the invisible reality.

A Hawaiian shaman is called a kahuna which means “keeper of secrets.” In the old days there were kahunas who kept the sacred wisdom of everything from seed sowing to canoe building; as well as of course, healing and spiritual illumination.

This method called the “Indigo Bowl” can help solve problems of any kind. It is best performed twice a week before retiring at night. Imagine placing all of your problems – to do with your self, your family, friends, ancestors, cars, pets, animate or inanimate things – into an indigo bowl, which is suspended over the center of the crater of Haleakala volcano in Hawaii.

Allow whatever you have placed in the bowl to turn from indigo to ice blue, then finally to white. Then the Divinity will finish the treatment and the situation will change.