Thursday, 16 December 2010

Streams of Consciousness

Streams of Consciousness often called Automatic writing or free-intuitive writing is a psychological technique. Sigmund Freud popularized a verbal Stream of Consciousness with his free associative-psychological technique.

The purpose of Streams of  Consciousness writing is to invite the subconscious and unconscious aspects of your mind to empty their contents before you so that you can sift through and look for hidden patterns and thoughts that may have been forgotten, overlooked or simply been discarded. It is quite an intuitive journaling technique.

With Streams of Consciousness you can begin with any word, phrase, sentence, dream character, symbol or a song lyric. And if there is anything frustrating you, making you angry or upset you can begin with that.

You can experiment with Streams of Consciousness writing by starting with the process of Writing itself.

Writing flows, the  written word, expression of being, flow of consciousness, the words appear, movement, motion, being, sense, nonsense.

Can you get a sense of the meditative quality, the slowing down that is derived from the Stream of Consciousness entry above. Yes, one of the values of this technique is its ability to bring you to state of inner balance and serenity.

Overcoming Obstacles
Another benefit of Stream of Consciousness writing is that its ability to show you the barriers you may perceive in any given situation, and perhaps some routes over, around, or through the barriers, as the next entry demonstrates.

Blank, nothing, fog, confused, not knowing, frustrated, nothingness, hitting a brick wall, thick wall, high wall, bricks, no doorway, hidden, treasure, bright, shiny, valuable, quite, serene, joyous, flying, soaring.

This entry started out as a picture of the unknown before me as I was eagerly awaiting word on a job I had previously applied for. I feel like my destiny is in someone else’s hand while I wait to hear. It makes the waiting easier in a sense.

So now you can use Stream of Consciousness in a similar way. When you do find yourself confronted with an insurmountable obstacle, let your imagination float freely around, over, and through it.