Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What Is Seeing Who You Really Are?

Question: What is seeing Who you really are?

Douglas Harding: It’s so simple, it’s difficult to describe. Normally we are looking out at other things, but seeing Who you really are is looking at what you’re looking out of. It’s turning  the direction of your attention around precisely 180 degrees and looking at what is nearest of all, what is central to your life – the permanent ingredient in all that you are and do. Usually, I am intent on what is quite a long way off, a few inches or feet or miles off. But here’s a region that I’ve learned to ignore, under social pressure. I’ve learned to pretend that it doesn't exist, is unimportant, dangerous, and not to be looked at. It is right here-what I’m looking out of.

Douglas Harding
from his book, “Face to No-Face”,p.137