Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Whatever Is To Be Will Be

There is only will and that being is of Divinity. It is all part and process of the plan, the pain, the sorrow, the laughter, the injustice and justice. Yet the engineer of the Universe has it all worked out and the truth is that this is beyond our limited understanding. The things occurring within the drama of our life seem to have a mind of their own.

Going with the flow is a good mantra for sanity’s sake. Acceptance of all that is can be difficult especially when one is in a apparent dead-end job and the bills are due next month. There is an inner voice that tells us everything is perfect even though our opinionated voice yells No! No! No!

With the daily practice of meditation you may reach a point where life is lived non-reflectively. In Zen circles this is called “non-abidance of mind.” It is like floating down a river and not fighting against the currents. In essence it is life lived without intellectual reflection. It is about living life in the moment  and accepting as whatever happens as the will of God.

So is a dead-end job the will of God? Yes. Is a fascinating high-paying job the will of God? Yes. There is only oneness and whatever occurs with your life is ultimately the will of God. And oneness manifests as apparent dead-end jobs, apparent blessings, apparent weirdness and synchronicity.

The bigger picture is beyond our limited understanding and you’re right; we cannot make sense of it and it is absolutely unimaginable.