Friday, 19 March 2010

The Scripture Of The Yogis – Part 1

I. Renunciation 
The deep spiritual comfort emanating from the teachings of the Gita is needed at this stage in the world.

Of What avail is dominion to use, O Teacher?
Of What avail are pleasures and even life?
How can we be happy, after slaying our own people?
Nay, I will not fight.

The disciple is brought to the field of battle and told to fight. But he is confused with doubts. What is the use of it all, he asks? Who does not ask himself the same question in the stress and battle of our modern existence? Can you enter into the competition of the business world, for instance and still not feel that it is not stifling your instincts? Note how simply and understandingly this problem will be answered by the teacher in the following verses.

For those who deserve no grief, thou hast grieved…Never did I not exist, nor thou, nor these rulers of men; and no one of us will ever hereafter cease to exist….Just as in this body the Self passes into childhood and youth and old age, so does he pass into another body…Whoever looks upon Him as the slayer, and the whoever looks upon him as slain, both these know not aright. Unborn, eternal, unchangeable and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain…Just as the man casts off worn clothes and puts on others which are new, so the Self casts off worn out bodies and enters others which are new….But even if thou thinkest of him as ever being born and every dying, even then thou oughtest not to grieve thus. To that which is born death is indeed certain; and to that which is dead birth is certain. Wherefore, about the unavoidable thing, thou oughtest not to grieve……

The teacher points out that wise people do not grieve over death because there is no death. Never were you not and never shall you not be. You are eternal and can never cease to exist. Since the disciple is confused with death the teacher enlightens him with the eternal principle. He tells him that since the inner self is unkillable there is no such thing as death. The body is transient and may be killed, but you are eternal. Circumstances cannot affect the real you. Endure them bravely with wisdom and resignation when they are unavoidable.

In dealing with everyday life, remember that whatever happens circumstances can only touch that part of you which is transient, which comes and goes. Keep your sense of proportion, remembering that you likewise have an eternal value, and that this life comes and goes like the shadow. The wise may have their difficulties, since destiny brings them to all alike, but they do not grieve over them. Grief can only come if you identify yourself with the lesser part, the body.

Troubles, pain and death are unavoidable  and are an inevitable part of life. This is because change is the very nature of this world we live in. Trouble comes, but it will also go. Throughout the events of life you must have wisdom and courage. You need courage  not only to find truth, but to strip off all your illusions and those which others propose to thrust upon you, but to also live the truth.

To Be Continued…..