Friday, 26 March 2010

The Scripture Of The Yogis – Part 2

I. Renunciation 
During the earlier stages of the quest everything is real is still illusory, while everything  illusory seems real. The final truth about the eternal character of the Overself is not realized until the end of the quest.

Of the unreal no being there is;
There is no non-being of the real.
Of both these is the truth seen by
the seers of Essence.

That is the final truth. We may, however, take certain illusions as convenient stepping stones to help us proceed towards Absolute truth. Remember in the highest sense that this is an unreal world. The real indestructible essence is the Overself, that which pervades the whole universe.

The disciple receives the teaching to fight, to act. But as one studies and advances there naturally comes to him the question: “Why should I act when all this is nothing but a dream?” One thing is as good as another. Why shouldn’t I retire and let others perform the action? Life is obviously a dream, I will sit still and watch the dream go by.”

This attitude indicates progress on the quest is quite an advanced one. So why should one act when one does not want to act? Because whatever you do you cannot refrain from acting. You can’t escape activity and if you retreat from the world you will still be mentally involved with the world. You may sit still and yet be help captive by your thoughts and desires, you cannot escape from your thoughts. Your activity may change it’s character and become a mental one.

The result will be that you be no less bound to the one than to the other. Meanwhile the fact is that whether you act or sit still and think you are still in the essence of the self. But if you know that you can’t destroy the self why should you be afraid of physical activity? Go out into the world, do you duty, fight if you need be, but act. Love and peace constitute your real nature and they do not change with your changing physical activities. Therefore, be the witness of life, but do not be afraid of it. You can’t kill anyone, because you and they are ultimately both one. The Overself.

To Be Continued…..