Saturday, 13 March 2010

What Is Enlightenment?

A definition of Enlightenment is hard to pin down as it so elusive. In part, this is because the experiences are so rich and complex that it is difficult to express in words, after all how can you express that which is ultimately in-expressible.

There are a lot of misconceptions and mystery surrounding Enlightenment. And I suppose it doesn’t help when spiritual teachers point out that one is already enlightened and he has no need to do anything.  If this is true then why is that  I don’t  know this myself? I don’t really agree with the logic behind these thoughts as they don’t make any sense. But from a seekers point of view it can be quite frustrating  when spiritual teachers sprout out thoughts that seem useless.

Enlightenment is simply the realization of your true divine nature. Your true nature is whole, complete, unbound, eternity, compassionate, divine, clear, unconditioned, untainted, beautiful and  free. In truth it is the recognition that you are not who you once thought you were. It is the realization that you were never born and shall never die as you are in fact eternity itself.

But this would not make sense to anyone unless realization has occurred.