Monday, 4 April 2011

What You Really Want Is Freedom

When we progress on the spiritual journey, more often than not we have a desire to be Enlightened. We don’t know what Enlightenment really is, but we want want it because it sounds so wonderful. This wanting of enlightenment is not a bad thing, and it is useful as it helps us going when the going gets rough. So, if you desire Enlightenment, there is no harm in you wanting it. So just relax.

But really, when you investigate this desire for enlightenment, you will inevitably find that what you want isn’t really enlightenment. If enlightenment means anything, it means going beyond the entire mental and emotional system out of which wanting arises. You can’t really want what is beyond wanting! Therefore the obvious question is “What Do I really Want?”

What you really want is freedom. You want to be free to do anything and at the same time free from everything. You want to be in a perpetual state of free fall, no attachments to anything, just free, free. That’s what keeps you reading these blog posts, reading spiritual books, going to retreats, doing all the sitting and meditating. You want freedom.

And do you know what? You desire freedom more than anything, and yet freedom scares the shit out of you! Now take a peek inside and see if this is not the case. That’s the real spiritual journey! Okay, no more sitting under the tree to see what arises.