Monday, 11 April 2011

All Is God

The computer you are staring at - that's God.

The words you are hearing in your head as you read - that's God, too.

The thoughts you are thinking as you try to understand what you are reading - still God.

The feelings that arise as you read - God, again.

The chair you are sitting in - God.

Your car - God.

Your neighbor - God.

Your co-worker whose very presence you detest with every fiber of your being - yes, he's God, too.

Your dog - definitely God.

Your mother - no, not Satan. God.

That hemorrhoid that's been bothering you for a while now - God.

The ego - nope, God, too.

The "illusory" world - God.
Anger, pride, fear, depression - all God.

It's all God. Everywhere you look. Every thought you think. Every feeling. Every thing you love and everything you hate. Your fears and your frustrations. All just God. What else could Oneness possibly mean? Anyway feel free to substitute a more spiritually neutral term like consciousness or spirit for God if that helps.