Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Scripture Of The Yogis – Part 3

I. Renunciation 

Thy concern is with action alone, never with results. Let not the fruit of action be thy motive, nor let thy attachment be for inaction. Steadfast in devotion do thy works, O disciple, casting off attachment, being the same in success or failure.

Never lose your sense of proportion and assume that your actions are going to make any difference to the witness, the Overself, which always remains unaffected. Destiny has given you a part to play. Play your part, do your duty, even as others have their duties. Whether you are a cashier or  manual labourer in a factory, do what your places calls for at the time. Do not make the mistake that you are to do it for all time. That is entireley different. What is right  for you this year may be wrong for you next year.

Krishna did not give his teachings to Arjun, both on yoga and truth in the stir and  turmoil of the battlefield, precisely, where action was needed. Why did he not instruct his disciple in a hermitage?  Holy men may rack their brains for an answer – the fact remains. Life is all-comprehensive and has plenty of room for action and reflection. Neither is holier than the other.

You cannot be deluded by the illusion of life provided you remember who you are. When you remember that your are the divine self then you can act with understanding. You must be able to plunge into the midst of activity in the market-place or at work, and yet be detached from the results of your actions.

Wherever you are you must keep to the sacred quest. You do your work as matter of duty, but you are not so bound up with it, or searching for success, that the world would come to an end should you fail. Success must not be-all things and persons, is a lesson which all of us have to learn sooner or later. Try to cut loose the desire bonds. They are inside of you, and if you can cut them loose, it does not matter what is happening outside.

When you understand this you simply do what you have to do – let it be the best and utmost of what life demands of you – and then let the results take care of itself, not because you do not care, but because you know that a cosmic power is taking care of them. The results are in the hands of the Overself and destiny. Do not run away and refuse to act. Also neither go to the other extreme  and plunge into activity with greed and desire as the only motive for your actions. Have the higher ones as well.

Act and then observe the results of your actions. You must act and move in the external world, but your inner self must be the unseen axis – calm, still and quiet.

To Be Continued……