Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Scripture Of The Yogis – Part 5

I. Renunciation

He attains peace, into whom all desires enter as water enters the ocean, which filled from all sides, remains unaltered; but he who desires objects.

That is the state of the true yogi. However to attain peace, thoughts must flow into the mind without disturbing you. To hate is to be disturbed by the strong thoughts of the person you are hating. To live excitedly is also disturbing, and therefore you can’t expect peace. We have to learn to follow the middle way. Peace can only be found by guarding and controlling the mind.

What is night to all beings, therein the self controlled one who is awake. Where all beings are awake, that is the night of the sage who sees.

“night” means the phenomenal world around you. The sage sees through it’s illusion be he is spiritually awake, but others are spiritually asleep. They are deceived by its appearance of solidity. What is that which seems night to all beings? It is the transcendental Overself. The sage dwells in that life, which is divine. One who enters it is neither bound to be an ascetic or a man of the world. The sage is an enigma to other  because he knows that all invisible life and embodied life are the same to him. He is centred on the divine, and as destiny brings the panorama of life before him he understands and accepts it, but remains himself unaltered, because he has attained the condition of inner peace. The ascetic and the would be yogi try to banish all thoughts, but the sage is not trying to do anything. He understands and accepts all thoughts, but he is not at their mercy, for he realized what they really are and controls them effortlessly.

To Be Continued….