Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Scripture Of The Yogis – Part 6

I. Renunciation

The disciple asks:

If it be thought by Thee that knowledge is superior to action, O Teacher, why then dost Thou direct me to this terrible action?

He want to know why, if understanding truth is so necessary, he should be asked to plunge into activity and he is still confused.

The teacher replies:

In this world a twofold path was taught be me at first, that of devotion to knowledge and that of devotion to action.

Since one cannot escape activity, whether it be physical or mental. It follows that there is a path for the man of action and another path for the man of thought. The teacher then describes the path of action. He stresses the performance of duty and repayment of debt which one owes to nature.

The real problem for the spiritual aspirant is how to render efficient service and give himself up to his work in this temporary world and yet remain loyal to his inner call. The blissfulness of introspection may tempt him more and more to desert externals, but excessive introspection is only needed in those whom destiny and duty have flung them out of the world into monasteries and ashrams or retreats.

Later, the teacher talks about sacrifice, but it is a different kind of sacrifice. It is a sacrifice of service . You must serve because it is right to serve, act because it is right to act, then sacrifice the results of your actions to destiny. This means you do not act for the reward you receive for the work.  Do your work, perform your duty , not only for your personal need but also with the idea of service . Do not concentrate only on results and personal benefits, but also work impersonally. This is practising a path of yoga , because it tends to curb desires and selfishness and helps to free one from bondage to the senses.

The path is appropriate for one who lives and works in the modern era. It is my personal belief that ancient wisdom must unite with modern science. The mystic of today should be prepared to ride  in an aeroplane; he should carry the scared within his heart, whilst  the press, noise and crowded metropolitan streets throb around him. Then one has to realize that if you have been put into the struggle and strife of modern existence in a western city, that is just where God wishes you to be for something to be learned, some lesson which may provide you with opposition, an opposition that has to be overcome, and that through the strife and effort of overcoming it you will learn the lesson you need.

In that path one learns the meaning of duty and sacrifice. But what does sacrifice really mean? Nothing, except the results of action, and that is done mentally. Do your work in the world – perform your duty, but do not make your happiness depend upon personal results from your actions. Act in such a manner to set a good example for others, thus becoming the teacher of the highest order. By your setting an unselfish standard of action and thinking of the effect of your actions, they will imitate you, and you will teach by lifting others up.

To Be Continued…..