Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Scripture Of The Yogis – Part 8

I. Renunciation

But those who, carping at this, My teaching, practise it not, – know them deluded in all knowledge, as senseless men doomed to destruction.

They destroy themselves and go down into the endless abyss. It is the endless because there is no end to the cycle of birth and rebirth. It can go on  indefinitely unless you follow the quest which lead out of it. Can you think of a time when your births started? In the same manner you cannot think of an end to them, Buddha saw this awful hell infinite birth and rebirth and sought a way out. Hence it can only be done by following this quest by eliminating all false ideas, by right action, by meditation. That is the way which is taught to the disciple, the practise which leads him to a point where he rises to freedom.

Now we come to the quest of spiritual knowledge and the teacher says:

I taught this imperishable yoga…handed down thus in succession, the King-sages learnt this. This yoga, by long lapse of time, has been lost here, O Disciple

Why was it that this path of esoteric knowledge had to be taught to man from the beginning of time? Because the ultimate truth about life is so subtle and transcends the imagination of man to such an extent that without divine revelation one could never discover it. It was first given to man as a revelation from the highest embodied being then existent on this planet. At the time this high knowledge was imparted thousands of years ago, as mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, the knowledge had long been lost and had to brought back. Is it any wonder today even in India the high esoteric wisdom has largely sunk into oblivion and obscurity.

That same ancient yoga has been today taught to thee by Me, seeing that thou art My devotee and friend; for, this is the Supreme Secret…Whenever there is a decay of spirituality, O Disciple, and an ascendy of irreligion, then I manifest myself.

A promise is made here that High Beings have pledged themselves to watch over mankind, and that they will save mankind, in the only truest sense of salvation, in critical moments of history. If no leader arises amongst men themselves to help them, the gods will come down into mortal flesh and give humanity what it must have. Such times come whenever there is a degeneration of spiritual understanding, because the lamp of divine truth must be kept alight in the world. When this truth lapses from human knowledge, it must be brought back by the gods, who incarnate in order to relight the lamp amongst the masses of mankind.

For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil doers for the firm establishment of spiritual living. I am born in every age.

Every time humanity sinks down to the last depth of spiritual ignorance and there is decay in true religion, then there happens the rebirth of an adept or even god who undertakes a public mission of spiritual service. Peculiarly, at such a time there is a reincarnation in great numbers of those who are plunged  in deep spiritual ignorance, who are filled with hatred, envy, greed and lust. These reincarnated beings contribute largely to the darkness of the age. At this time destiny takes a hand in their spiritual education, and they are reborn in such a period to be given their deepest lesson. They are finally destroyed physically by great natural catastrophes, such as floods and especially by war. At such times their destruction by violent death is the appropriate education which is necessary for their spiritual development.

To Be Continued…..